No. 1 – An Introduction

Welcome to my blog. The purposes of this post are predominantly to set the scene and the context of what’s to come.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a chef, making food for my family and friends that they enjoyed and were surprised by. Food is one of those things that everyone has in common and it’s greatly intertwined with, not only our day to day, but our memories, forethoughts and desires. What a job to be involved in that creation, right? I was fascinated by the ways you could manipulate food so people would enjoy it (..or maybe I just really liked licking the bowl after making brownies – I was a tubby little turd).

When I was an adolescent I wanted to be a musician, my teen angst years were listening to glam rock (KISS, all day every day) then it transitioned into Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and so on. I had always learned instruments since I was 5 years old, but as a teen the idea of standing up in front of huge crowds and connecting on such a deep level with songs that I wrote, that the crowd all knew intimately, what a way to live. Music is, and always will be, something that defies all logic in how emotionally jarring it can be, what other 3-5 minute activity can cause you to smile, dance, laugh, cry, scream, postulate existence, etc? I was fascinated by how you could present ideas and songs to make people react and feel (..or maybe girls liked musicians and I wasn’t the best looking teen – although I picked bass guitar, so what I really wanted was for girls to ask me ‘Is the singer single?’ ‘Where’d the guitarist go?’).

When I was a young adult I was a musician. It was definitely my job. Three years of university and I was one of the few who could say I “worked” in the music industry. I even headed a business that turned half a million dollars in it’s short lifetime. I wrote music, I performed in front of crowds from 0-500+ ..regularly! I toured with musicians, I earned good money (20 years old and getting $70-$150 an hour). I booked gigs, argued with sound guys, venue owners, booking agents, musicians, bar staff. I worked as a tour manager, booking agent, event manager, band leader. Stayed up until 4am often, driving all around my hometown Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Spent hours in proper recording studios. Home studios. Spent hundreds of hours practicing on my own, rehearsing with others. Initially working shit jobs then spending all the money I earned from that and music on pursuing music. Definitely not glamorous, if I could go back would I change it? Not a chance in hell. Greatest moments of my life thus far.

When I was a less younger adult I changed career and focus to Psychology and applying that to the business world (consumer psychology, marketing, market research, behavioural economics). Years of watching all types of people from all walks of life celebrate Friday nights, Saturday nights, birthdays, work functions, hens nights, bucks nights, weddings, all from my vantage point with a bass in hand had intrigued me. All this gave me some invaluable insights on people, their desires, their similarities. It’s a fascination that occupies my mind every day. Why do we behave the way we do? How different are we? What constitutes a desire? Why do we like the things we like?

I worked full time in offices after my degree, a HUGE change from the ‘musician’ lifestyle. Steadier paycheques for one thing, more structured timetables, more formal work environments, less time for play, less energy for hobbies, less control over what I do with my time. Less satisfaction. Strained relationships. Sadness. Depression. Despair. Loss of hope.

WHOAH! I’m only 25? What is going on?

When I was 25 I left to “find my spirit animal” in Japan. That’s where we start this story. I live in Japan, I have since August 2017. I am not even remotely fluent in the language, but I have some Japanese friends who I converse with in broken discussions (I am studying, it’s just pretty difficult). I work as an English teacher. I’m not on a holiday anymore, I face daily challenges here. I really just LIVE here. My goals are to push myself into a foreign culture as much as possible and stretch my brain, my perception and my understanding of the world to it’s limits, so when I come back to Australia I have an invaluable outlook on life, people, the world and how to tackle it all.

This blog will be structured around things I have learned in the past, things I have learned recently and thoughts that float around in my head. Influenced all by where I’ve been, where I am and where I hope to be. The subjects will range from personal reflection, relationships, cultural observation, psychology concepts, behavioural economics, consumer psychology, entertainment, and general philosophies. There is no set frequency of these blogs and no set length, just what feels right.

Stick around. My mantra is ‘Never stop learning’ so from post to post follow me, my learnings and learn with me.

One thought on “No. 1 – An Introduction

  1. WOW! An amazing introduction to what is yet to come.
    I am certainly looking forward to following you as you move into another part of your life. You are a very talented young man and I have no doubts about your ability to succeed. Love you


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